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Training Programs

Online Training

Are you aimlessly working out at the gym without a plan, strategy, or sense of purpose?
Want to work around your own schedule at your convenience?
Want affordable Personal Training while receiving a high quality program?

The most important invest you can ever make is in yourself Online Training is the perfect resource for your needs. We cater the Online Training program around the following:

  1. Your own schedule
  2. Individual needs and goals
    1. Sport Specific
    2. Beach Body
    3. Weight Loss
    4. Injury Prevention
    5. Lifestyle Improvement
  3. Equipment/gym you have access to or enjoy working with
  4. Any current exercise you enjoy doing (ie yoga class on a specific day)
  5. 7 day schedule that includes resistance training, cardio, rest days, etc.
  6. Tracking/Consulting Built in (nutrition logs, weigh-ins, and measurements)

Online Training Programs

  • $150 for a 1 month trial
  • $200/mo for 3 months
  • $175/mo for 6 months

1xMonth Training Session (Tutorial)

  • Consulting and Tracking
  • Nutrition Consulting