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Nutrition Coaching

Our Nutrition Philosophy

Exercise by itself does not work. We tell our athletes and coaching clients all the time that exercise is only about 20% of the battle. The remaining 80% is nutrition and recovery from exercise. Over the years, we have developed a nutrition and recovery system that maximizes the results of training, and helps our clients crush their goals time and time again. Research done by Precision Nutrition has shown that working with a nutrition coach and a trainer together is 4 times as effective as working with just a personal trainer.

Don’t get caught in the trap of saying tomorrow you’ll do something about your nutrition, or next week you’ll buy healthier food at the grocery store. Get started right now with Compete’s individual nutrition coaching, and take the first step toward getting in the best shape of your life!.

See What Our Clients Have To Say

"I followed a traditional bodybuilding diet and trained every morning fasted prior to joining Compete. With Compete, I learned about proper pre and post workout nutrition, eliminated foods that I previously thought were healthy, while still being able to eat foods that I enjoy. With these changes, coupled with their training program, I was able to drop 4% body fat in 90 days. Whether you are a current/former athlete, someone wanting to lose weight for a big life event, or someone that wants to improve their relationship with food and nutrition, I highly recommend the services of Dean Adams, Joe Drain and the rest of the Compete team."

- Brendan M.

Tier 1 (Meal Plan, Measurements, Motivation, and Accessibility)

  • Gold Package (12 Sessions): $800
  • Silver Package (8 Sessions): $650
  • Bronze Package (4 Sessions): $500

Tier 2 (Customized Meal Plan)

  • 1 session: $150 {Goal Setting, Grocery List, and Meal Prep Techniques}

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

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