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Strength Training & Conditioning Program Testimonials

What our clients say about our strength & conditioning individual training programs for athletes.

I have had many athletic trainers in my life and Joe Drain is by far the best I've had. Joe's individual attention on diet, hydration, flexibility and overall athleticism is second to none. Joe thrives at making functionally strong athletes specific to their sport. He gets athletes working out of their comfort zone to push themselves harder than they ever thought possible. His care and attention to every individual that walks into his gym is astounding, whether it's your first time stepping into a gym or you're a professional athlete he works non-stop trying to make you a better athlete. Since working with Joe I have lost 15lbs of fat, gained a tremendous amount of muscle, and increased my speed and quickness. Because of Joe's help I committed to a division 1 college for hockey.

- Anthony 18, Newton (Elite Hockey Training Program)

I started working out at Compete winter of my senior year of high school, it was without a doubt the greatest sports decision I've ever made. A year and a half later, I am much stronger, way more explosive, and most importantly a much more athletic player. My growth as an athlete has directly contributed to my growth as a player. The specifically designed workouts at Compete builds functional strength that shows itself on the field in the form of stronger tackles, harder challenges in the air, stronger play on the ball, and much more quickness when attacking and defending. The gains I have made at Compete have given me the confidence to believe that my growth as a player will continue exponentially and with hard work and smart training there is not much I cannot achieve.

- Tim 19, Sharon (Individual Soccer Training Program)

After having three knee surgeries my first three years in high school, strength training became a burden as I was consistently sitting out of workouts and avoiding certain exercises because of my knee. I began working with Joe at Compete to begin strengthening and developing my knee again. Joe modified my training program in a way that would avoid pain and possible injury, without limiting my strength and speed gains. There is never a time that Joe will say no to an athlete looking to put extra work in, he is always accommodating. Aside from the workouts, Joe and the Compete staff preached the importance of nutrition and mental strength. I have weekly check-ins with the strength coaches to make sure my nutrition is where it needs to be to enhance my athletic development. Compete's sport-specific approach has also been a huge part of my development as an athlete, their staff constantly illustrates tips about shooting, wall ball, and anything I need to become a better lacrosse player. I feel that Compete provides me with an intense, hard working, and fun environment to push myself against the best high school and college athletes in the area and most of all prepare me for college lacrosse.

- Jake 18, Westwood (Sports Rehab Training Program & Lacrosse Training Program)

My Daughter, Andie, tore her ACL and we were devastated of what that meant for her future as a soccer player and as an athlete. Joe took what is normally a painful and boring road to recovery and made it into a much more efficient, fast, and smooth recovery. After a successful rehab process, Andie is now competing and training at her highest skill level. The diversity of Joe's training techniques keep his students actively engaged and on their toes by always progressing their workouts whole optimizing the athlete's time and energy. He is always working to make Andie not just a better soccer player but a better athlete. Joe is a testament to great training and his expertise, in my opinion, is the best. He really cares about his athletes on a personal level and it shows through their results.

- From A Grateful Dad, Walpole, MA (Sports Rehab Training Program & Soccer Training Program)

It is safe to say that my success as an athlete thus far in my career is largely due to the efforts of Joe Drain and his training progressions that is now Compete Strength and Conditioning. My first sessions with joe took place in the summer between my sophomore in junior in college (University of Hartford). Proceeding that first summer I had my break out year as a Midfielder and won an America East championship which ultimately led to the Boston Cannons (MLL) drafting me in the 8th round of the 2012 Collegiate Draft.

It wasn't Until after graduation from Hartford that I started to train with Joe on a consistent basis. This is when my strength, speed, agility, and overall athleticism took a turn for the best. After almost 2 full years now with Joe I've gone from a practice squad member to a full time defensive midfielder for the Cannons. The underlying factor in my progression as an athlete under Joe has been his insight on nutrition. It wasn't until I truly bought into what Joe preaches about proper nutrient timing when it comes to preparing and recovering my body before and after workouts, practices, and games that I started to see tremendous results in the gym and on the field.

What makes being a part of Joe's program so unique is not only his own work ethic as a strength coach but his attention to detail when it comes to each specific athlete. I can say that I've experienced first hand from the perspective of an athlete as well as an employee of Joe that an insurmountable amount of dedication and care goes into making sure each athlete in this gym gains the crucial knowledge and experience needed to progress their athletic careers.

- Martin Bowes 24, Boston Cannons Midfielder